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Podcast 018 - The Value of News

In this episode I clarify a point I raised last episode about reducing the scope of my work, and mostly talk about news and some of the reflections and adjustments I've been making to how I seek out, process, and act on news.


  1. Great episode Edward. I often see people surrounding themselves with views and opinions that only support their own position and thoughts upon a subject. In doing so they only strengthen the grip their own opinion has upon them with the affirmation of others. We sometimes forget that opinions are just that and there is no 'right' and 'wrong', although it could be said that certain choices can lead to better outcomes for a majority of people.

    Being open minded doesn't mean that we simply have an alternative opinion. Open minded in it's essence is an ability to look at all facets, make an objective choice or simply remain available to more than one option.

    I enjoyed how you demonstrated that in your attempts to declutter you simply removed that which you did not agree with but later realised the value in what you had removed. Sure we could live a simple and somewhat ignorant life in a bubble but as you mentioned, if we are to grow and respond in the best way possible, we should include perspectives on life other than our own.

  2. Sorry for taking so long to respond: the holidays and all that! :)

    Thanks for the note, and for sharing your thoughts on this. I've always believed in the virtue of tolerance, the ability to tolerate the fact that another person may see the world differently than I do, that they believe different things, that they will make different decisions and choose to live their life differently then I do. Despite that, we can and do find ways to live together, because of the common ground that we do share. Common ground is found and maintained through conversation and engagement, both of which are facilitated by awareness.

    As far as minimalism is concerned, the important takeaway for me is that I need to be careful in making decisions about what how much value something adds to my life. I can always find a perspective that justifies getting rid of something, just like I can find one that justifies keeping it around. The only way out of that is to work on establishing a clearer understanding of the goals and principles that direct my work and my life, and to always be using those a the basis for determining value.

    Thanks for listing, and again for taking the time to post a comment!

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