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Podcast 004 - News feeds

In this episode I wrap up my overview of the tools I use at work and describe how I currently use Feedly (news reader), Instapaper (reading), and IFTTT (integration) to keep of track of news and developments in areas that are important to me.

The purpose of these overviews (see Episode 3 for a discussion how I manage email and tasks) was to describe how I handle some of the key areas to my work so that going forward you will have some context when I talk about how I need and am trying to become more effective in these areas.

What that done, I think we can expect the coming episodes to get back to talking about the practices of minimalism and how I am trying to use them to improve my life.

Mentioned in this episode:
  • Feedly -App I use to subscribe to RSS feeds
  • IFTTT -Web service that I use to integrate Feedly with Instapaper
  • Instapaper -App I use for reading blog posts and other content that I've flagged in Feedly or come across elsewhere on social media or on the web.

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Music: Close Tracking from Learning Kurve.

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